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      PriceDrop is a fun, social and money-saving app for online shopping.


    • How It Works

      Invite friends to support your DROP campaign and help you cut the price of products by over 50%!


      Start Your DROP

      Select your favorite products on our app and start a price-drop campaign in one click.


      Invite Friends

      Invite your friends to support your DROP by sharing it to Facebook & WhatsApp.


      Get The Lowest Price

      The more friends click the 'Drop Price' button for you, the lower price you can reach!

    • Earn Reward Points to Redeem Free Gift Cards

      1. Start Your Drop - Purchase an item by starting your DROP, you earn 200 reward points for every Rs.10 you spend.
      2. Help Your Friends - Help your friends make successful purchases by supporting their DROP, you earn 100 points for every Rs.10 your friend spend.


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      Shop high-quality products from manufacturers around the world.

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      The more friends support your DROP, the lower price you can reach.